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Bolt On Safety Services Ltd.

Health & Safety Consultants

Bolt On Safety Services Ltd can offer you professional support in line with your commercial requirements, budget or to ensure compliance.

Our intention is to provide a level of service that unites management and the workforce, ensuring continuous harmony in what is a fast moving and demanding environment.

Health & Safety support is invaluable and we can offer daily, weekly or monthly support on site or in the office environment as and when required.
Some clients require one-off visits or inspections, others have repeated support on an adhoc basis, some have planned days per week to suit the pace of the project or projects.

We can offer the right level of service in the right environment. Construction based, industry or commercial premises. We have experience in deep excavation, demolition, refurbishment, reinforced concrete frame construction, steel frame construction, manufacturing sheet metals, wall panels, windows, doors.

Training courses can be on-site at host premises, back at the head office or off-site training facilities to suit the clients arrangements. Training can be tailored to suit the clients operational constraints, instead of ticking a box.

Temporary works is the next big thing with the HSE, therefore, ensure that you have considered every eventuality of temporary works ie anything that you use to fence, support, stack, install & remove throughout the construction process! Support and assistance can be offered to ensure that due diligence can be demonstrated.